Without doubt face-to-face psychotherapeutic services are unique because they offer the ideal structure for a clinician and a client, as whole human beings to work on developing a clinical relationship, a therapeutic alliance and to take into account physical, verbal and emotional channels of interaction, in order to work exploring, ventilating and processing the client’s psychoemotional material.

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Welcome to, the online presence of the Integral and Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Counseling and Coaching Center. This website will assist you to discover a convenient way to “Gain professional support in your pursuit of improved relationships, mental health and integral well-being”.gain professional support in your pursuit of improved relationships, mental health and integral well-being, to cope with problems and concerns you may be facing around depression, anxiety, relationships, parenting, family, sexuality and intimacy, anger issues, self esteem, academic and work performance and other daily life and mental health issues we all experience.

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