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Support around the clock at your own time and pace when you feel it's needed. All you need is a computer, tablet or phone.


Work consistently with the same professional, who adjust every detail of your program to you, your reality, personality, needs and expectations, and not the other way around.


Always confidential and convenient support, whether it is about personal, relationship, vocational, work, health or self-development challenges or concerns.


You can set any time daily, or get support as needed. Rely on consistent communication and affordable support, from daily to weekly and monthly follow-up, flexibly adjusted to you.



How Does it Work?

You can communicate with your therapist/coach via chat, email,
call or though your Client Portal Account, and receive daily feedback and support.
AVAILABLE 24/7/365

Professional Psychological Support Tailored To Individuals, Couples, Families and Groups

We are developing a more interactive, personal and cultural sensitive set of supportive tools for you to effectively work on, from daily life challenges or issues to crisis times.

Why Choose Us

Your therapist/coach is ready and willing to support you, in your unique journey, to work with you as a team on this challenging but worthy and meaningful process.
Your support program carefully facilitates the process of working on addressing and resolving life issues one step at a time, focusing on real life solutions besides of effective distress/symptom relief.

We are developing very comprehensive programs based on up-to-date, integral and multidisciplinary approaches, findings, and clients’ feedback; offering sound tools through our Client Consultation & Support Portals.

Every communication is safely protected through SSL encryption, where nobody but you and your therapist/coach have access to it.

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South Carolina, USA

A couple of years ago, my father’s health began to decline. His declining health would usher in a very chaotic and emotionally disturbing time for me and my entire family. It would also expose old wounds, chronic patterns and unlock an emotional roller coaster.

When I began working with Rafael, he proved to be a voice of unyielding reason and stability against the currents of guilt, manipulation and problematic family trends. One of the lessons I learned included learning to take better care of myself. I’m absolutely certain, that I couldn’t go back to living how I previously did.

Rafael consistently provided support to help me make the changes I needed to move forward with my life. His honest and gentle approach has helped me break cycles that I have been in for many years. Instead of chronic worry and frustration, my self-esteem has improved and I have an optimistic outlook for the future.

Rafael’s advice and support have made a difference in my life. If you are experiencing self-esteem issues, family problems or relationship issues, reach out to Rafael today. His listening ear and experience will help you develop a relationship you trust and can make important changes in your life.