" My Client's Diversity And Uniqueness Are
My Biggest Treasure "

Rafael Morales Toia

Rafael was an outstanding therapist. He had a deep knowledge of mental health issues, was sincere and passionate, and genuinely listened to me and responded with sound insight and excellent ideas to make change.

Yorkshire Wales

Very helpful. I felt really guilty about something but he made me feel better and helped me understand my situation better.

South Dakota, USA

I absolutely appreciate and love talking to Rafael. He is a straight shooter and tells it like it is. I needed help understanding my husband’s addiction. He was very kind, encouraging, and knowledgable.

Los Angeles CA, USA

So helpful! Thank you! I’m just…so very appreciative. I can’t even find the words. Just thank you. 🙂

Phoenix, AZ USA

He just answered the disturbing questions in my head and helped me to see the right way to deal with my problems. I am so appreciated.

Bettendorf IA, USA

Rafael me ha ayudado immensamente con mi ansiedad.
Él es muy amable y atento, escucha y me ha ayudado a enfrentar mis miedos y problemas personales y familiares por mucho tiempo.

Lima, Peru
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South Carolina, USA

A couple of years ago, my father’s health began to decline. His declining health would usher in a very chaotic and emotionally disturbing time for me and my entire family. It would also expose old wounds, chronic patterns and unlock an emotional roller coaster.

When I began working with Rafael, he proved to be a voice of unyielding reason and stability against the currents of guilt, manipulation and problematic family trends. One of the lessons I learned included learning to take better care of myself. I’m absolutely certain, that I couldn’t go back to living how I previously did.

Rafael consistently provided support to help me make the changes I needed to move forward with my life. His honest and gentle approach has helped me break cycles that I have been in for many years. Instead of chronic worry and frustration, my self-esteem has improved and I have an optimistic outlook for the future.

Rafael’s advice and support have made a difference in my life. If you are experiencing self-esteem issues, family problems or relationship issues, reach out to Rafael today. His listening ear and experience will help you develop a relationship you trust and can make important changes in your life.